Welcome to Run Amuck Farm!

It’s a dog Bed and Breakfast….at the base of Mt Madonna on the coast side.  Lovely climate in Corralitos/Watsonville. 


JULY 6, 2015:

OUR HEARTS ARE BROKEN at the sad news about the fire in MONTEREY at “Home away from Home” pet spa.  Dogs were left unattended while the owner went to pick up dogs. a Fire started and 15 dogs died. I can’t imagine the suffering and grief that is going on right now. Our hearts and souls are aching for all involved. Please find forgiveness in your hearts and love for those involved.

To reiterate: We have never left dogs unattended and from this news we will be forever diligent about that.  This is the worst nightmare for anyone involved. My prayers seem inadequate.

Rest in peace to the lovely animals who perished.

dogs make up games


Here at Run Amuck Farm we love dogs.

Your dog will live with us as one of our own.

They will get to hang out, roll on the lawn, splash in the water,

and most of all,

play with other well socialized dogs. ALL DAY!

Each dog is given lots of affection and belly rubs.

We consider caring for your dog a privilege and a sacred trust. We put the safety and happiness of your dog as our top priority. Almost all dogs  drag their owners onto the place when they come for a return visit! We are very proud of that and work to earn your dogs trust and affection.

With your permission:  dogs are given a smoked pork femur from the CORRALITOS MARKET  to enjoy. They get “alone time” on the deck with a bone on a regular basis. Pure bliss!


It’s like they get to go to Grandma’s farm. (Except Grandma is a nut with ten or more dogs!)


We like it as much as they do! This is the best job ever!

Dogs are not left unattended. EVER!  Someone,  is always here to keep the dogs company.


Climate is very mild,  being on the ocean side of the mountain with plenty of shade and grass. We have a main area for play, 1 acre of lawn. Nice and cool and open. We also have other yards for dogs who prefer a space to explore on their own.


We can also board your horse for you for a short stay. We had a bird here this summer. It survived too….


IS YOUR VACATION DEPENDENT ON ONE PERSON WHO WILL CARE FOR YOUR DOG????? That could backfire, we’ve heard it far too often.

Here at Run Amuck we  have a team in place to assure your dog is cared for ” no matter what”.  WE ARE OPEN 365 days a year thanks to our wonderful staff.

Last April, 2013 Marilyn had a 9 day hospital stay  with pneumonia.  Service was not interrupted , and we thank everyone for understanding the minor glitches. I am proud of how our staff and wonderful husband Bob held down the fort and cared for the dogs as always.


Our doggy clients come from Santa Cruz, Oakland, San Francisco, Humbolt county, Berkeley, Watsonville, Aptos, Los Gatos, Gilroy, San Jose, Portola Valley and Woodside among other South Bay and peninsula locations. We pick up and deliver. Must be arranged at time of reservation. It’s a reasonable at only  $40 PER TRIP…. Gas got expensive. 


We are Located at 250 Casserly Rd, Watsonville,Ca.


We are a one hour/15 minutes  drive from Woodside, Portola Valley, Redwood city.


45 minutes from San Jose. 45 Minutes from Los Gatos.30 minutes to Monterey.


Dogs love other dogs.



NEW notification: July 13, 2014

SO SORRY MILEAGE ADDICTS!  We no longer accept CREDIT CARDS.   We are a SMALL BUSINESS and the cost proved to be a bit too high.  We can discuss Bitcoins. I’m still confused about them but  if you could educate me…

NOTE: for SAFETY”S SAKE:  We are the first facility in the county to acquire a GPS tracking  collar for your dog.  We have not had a dog leave the property, but we could  imagine nothing worse.We have tested the Tagg System and it works very well.

The collars are costly, but what price could we ever put on our beloved pets.

For an additional charge we will make this technology available by request. $ 10 per day.

THANK YOU to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, The San Jose Mercury and the Monterey Herald  for their enthusiastic support of what we do here at Run Amuck.

If you want to read the article,  type in run Amuck in any of their search spaces.