can you see the butterfly?

jeb at our new beach installation

jeb in his "cabana"

Hock Cow Bone break for Boots, Heaven!

rio the labradude with boots

big GENTLE Kato

gorgeous GINA

Zachary .a real angel

DeeDee doing her second favorite thing. Belly rubs 1st.

all the "resort amenities"

time for dinner. Waiting their turn

It’s time for your massage miss Addie
we are tired at the end of the day. Kushka snuggles in

put your head in his mouth for the camera!


terrier tweeking

IGGY n Piglet

When is it too many birds?


Bred to run and run and run

Bonnie's tanned and rested

It's raining out today


full speed makes them so happy

Casey found my missing glove

a rainy afternoon

our official host at Run Amuck. he does his job well

good friends come in all sizes

lawn holds majic for dogs

I wasn’t always an wild woman

gorgeous Visla Tasha, Great breed for fun and games.

some feet never hit the ground

Private conversation

all creatures are cherished

It was really cold that morning. Tasha likes her comforts

“Pantaloon” thinks she is a dog.

Lilly and tinkerbell out for a stroll. We also board short stay horses.

we also offer dancing lessons

dogs smile!Dee loves the grass

Stella is happy to hang our inside or out.Bruin finds the chaise lounge to his liking

Rufus dufus

Rio knows how to relax

Shiloh in a rare moment of quiet

labs love water….popular spot

plethora of labs this week

lotsa labs on parade

Lola and Ricco

Neutered on Valentines day.poor Rufus

Favorite game

heh heh hhe heh Sweet ZacharyWe want to eat now!Beagles with talent.


Huey does not stand up if he can lay down. Good old man

sweetest fella in the world OBA

handsome herbie

They are the best of friends

Gorgeous Tasha Visla

ZOEY Sleeps well at night

Zoey and Wasatchbefore they found the couch openah yes, there it is…


valentines day neuteing survivor

free range fresh farm eggs

heh heh heh Zachary hehh heh heh

BIG AIR beagles

this is what a full house looks like. happy dogs.

gorgeous old girl Helga

Ruby McKenzie can't believe his luck



lordy lordy Byron

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  • dogs says:

    What a great month we had in May . lot’s of new guests who really played well with others. We are so lucky to be able to spend this time with these wonderful dogs. They just LOVE to be with each other and enjoy the open space.
    Life is good at Run Amuck.
    This week we have a few dobies and shepherds and they have all been well socialized. Great breeds if started right..
    much obliged,

  • dogs says:

    These pics are from Sunday Jan 15. Dee Dee, Byron, dufus, Oba and Aji all had a blast today. Great Dogs.
    Ruby got to go to the beach w Mom. She’s happy too.

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