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Marilyn and Bob with Friends


It’s been an INTERESTING 2015 so far! Just this April Marilyn has spent 14 days straight in the hospital with a mystery infection. She kept the doctors mystified and was released in time to go to Hawaii for 10 days to recover. THANK YOU to our AMAZING STAFF for keeping the ship at Run Amuck afloat! ADRIENBE took over all the email and phone duties and Megan and Nick worked many extra days and nights.  I am so grateful to them for their dedication to the dogs and to Run Amuck. I CANNOT EXPRESS MY GRATITUDE ENOUGH TO THEM for their dedication and hard work.I am now home from Hawaii and hoping to ease back into the day to day operations here. In the meantime all will be taken care of by Adrienne and Megan and Nick.

Sad news : On May 2 our beloved Norfolk Terrier , TANNER, who was the BOSS DOG at Run Amuck passed away suddenly. we are heartbroken as any dog owner would understand.

Bad experience to share: Do not read this if you don’t want to hear something bad…Santa Cruz Vet hospital did not do anything quickly or compassionately ! I will NOT reccomend them to anyone.  I was shoked at how old and dirty the back areas were. NOT A TOP NOTCH FACILITY…. at least not at 2:30 am. It took over 45 minutes for him to even be registered so they could be assured of payment.  He was in shock and needed IMMEDIATE attention.  nother 1/2 hour later the vet finally appeared. Tha’st 1 hour and 15 minutes of critical time for a dog in shock.  We’ll never know if he might have survived with more prompt care. But I wish I didn’t suffer these doubts. I’m just sayin…..

If you have had positive experiences there please let us know and we will post those too in the name of fairness.



Bob and Marilyn Taylor are located at the bottom of Hecker Pass  on the ocean side of the mountain. We are on a beautiful 3+ acre property with multiple large dog areas for run and fun. Dogs love a large open space. It’s something they rarely experience.


Marilyn has been caring for dogs and horses since 1963. As a youngster she won awards for her dog training. At the age of  10-13 she worked for  Dr Karasoff  DVM.She has also shown Hunters and has evented and mock fox hunted with Los Altos Hounds.  . .  Now it’s a dream come true. Dogs dogs dogs…


WELCOME BACK ADRIENNE! She really took one for the team! Adrienne had been gone for 17 months.  She had a shoulder  injury on the job and had shoulder surgery. All that time away from us  was too long for all of us. We and the dogs are glad she has recovered enough to be back with us.  

Adrienne and her husband STEVE HAGER also are busy with their wonderful HAGER and HAGER used furniture and Art Gallery on 17th Ave, Santa Cruz near Simpkins swim center. MOST of the furniture in this house is from their wonderful business. 


We have  added  to our staff.:   Megan , Nick,  and Jacob  will be assisting us part time through this summer 2015 .  The dogs love them and so do we! 

Jacob is 17 and we are glad to be his first real job. He is soft and kind to the dogs and is a great member of our weekend team. Welcome Jacob.

Megan and Nick  will be here most weekends and some weekdays too. They are  so lovely with the dogs and they respond to them with love! We are all lucky to have this place to care for dogs and get by in the world. They really really saved  us a lot of stress by working extra days and nights while Marilyn was ill and unable to be present for the dogs. WE CANNOT THANK Adrienne , Megan and Nick enough for making Run Amuck a priority.  WOW!!! we are lucky to have such a devoted staff.

Ricky , pictured here, is GRADUATING from MC GEORGE LAW SCHOOL May 16, 2015.  We are so happy for him and wish him luck with the BAR EXAM this fall.

Lizzie is living in San Francisco and  busy busy busy. She will turn 30 this June and we are all surprised at how time flies.

I am proud of my children who are no longer children! How did that happen??


Bob, Marilyn and son Ricky at Giants game.