About the humans at Run Amuck

Marilyn and Bob with Friends


We miss our dear Patrick Zentner who worked so hard for us at RunAmuck . He passed away Sept 17, after just 17 days of being ill. Didn’t know he had cancer. Good way to go, but we miss him every minute. He was so good with the dogs and the most cheerful man.

Adrienne has not fully recover from her torn shgoulder so we miss her too!


Bob and Marilyn Taylor are located at the bottom of Hecker Pass  on the ocean side of the mountain. We are on a beautiful 3+ acre property with multiple large dog areas for run and fun. Dogs love a large open space. It’s something they rarely experience.


Marilyn has been caring for dogs and horses since 1963. As a youngster she won awards for her dog training. At the age of  10-13 she worked for  Dr Karasoff  DVM.She has also shown Hunters and has evented and mock fox hunted with Los Altos Hounds.  . .  Now it’s a dream come true. Dogs dogs dogs…


WELCOME: LaNette Neilsen

We are delighted that she agreed to be here four days a week so the dogs will get the attention and love that they deserve. Lucky us!~She brings years of experience  and is also an organizer.  She’ll help us make things go smoothly and keep us on track!  LaNette  and Adrienne made it possible for me to take the time I needed to get a new hip. We could not have done it without her.  We need good staffers so  Marilyn can get to the store for more dog food and bones!

We miss Adrienne Hager. She is still recovering from an Injury that happened May 2013. We all hope she can return to work with us someday. GET WELL ADRIENNE!


We have  added  to our staff.:   Megan , Davis, Chuck  and Patrick   will be assisting us part time through this summer .  The dogs love them and so do we! 

Megan will be here most weekend and some weekdays too. She is so lovely with the dogs and they respond to her with love! We are all lucky to have this place to care for dogs and get by in the world.


Bob, Marilyn and son Ricky at Giants game.