NEW RATES : MAY 1, 2014 the economy is not recovering for the rest of us 99 % . . ., so if these rates are beyond your reach let us know.  

 Discounts are  impossible during JUNE , JULY and AUGUST.  Holidays too.

Day rate:  $50 per dog per day.  Longer stays are negotiable depending on the dog and it’s needs.   Dogs over 100lbs  55 per day.     

NO CHARGE for medications and special diets provided by the humans.

Day care : not available except by special arrangement on rare occasions .

Two dogs from the same household :   80 per day

Pick up and delivery is only 40 each way. The cost of gas, labor and vehicles has gone up. We try to do our best with door to door service. Chuck Fox has jouned the team at Run Amuck.  He has a clean drivers record and drug test too.   Chuck is a musician and a great friend too.

When you bring your dog for a short visit  ( under 3 hours) there is NO CHARGE for the opportunity for your dog to get familiar with us and understand that you return.

When it’s best for the dog we provide that service for free.

We no longer  accept  CREDIT CARDS. CHECKS ARE WELCOME and of course  WE ALSO ACCEPT CASH! The cost of credit cards was too high and we had to discontinue. We are too small