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What Clients Say

  • David Roberts says:

    The only place our Nikki and Zeus will ever go. Just as the name says…no cages. Marilyn and Bob make it home away from home. Marilyn is spot on when dealing with dogs’ personalities and always gives sound advice. She provides the love and attention that our Dobermans are so accustomed to at home. They are always so happy to visit and Marilyn’s care gives us peace of mind. Glad we found you Marilyn!

  • Donna Keith says:

    Our greyhound, Kealan, starts getting excited to see Run Amuk Farm when we are a good 10 minutes away. She has a blast. She runs, plays with other dogs, sleeps on everyone’s bed including her own, and doesn’t want to leave when the time comes! I cannot imagine my good luck when I met Marilyn, who gave me her card. She has accommodated special needs such as food and medication when it was needed. Marilyn’s understanding of dogs and her control of dogs is amazing. There is NO better place for any dog. The yard is huge, dedicated to the dogs, and safe. It is a doggy heaven.

  • Andy Hutchinson says:

    We love Marilyn and Bob! Our boxer, Bruin, is a frequent visitor. Marilyn has been amazingly helpful with trying to put weight on our very active “puppy”. I really feel like they know my dog, and truly enjoy having him. They know his personality and have plenty of stories when I get him back. It’s an ideal spot for him, as he’s very active, and always has someone to play with on the “farm”. He seems happy with Marilyn. She makes me feel confident that he will be well-cared for in our absence. When Bruin got stung by a bee, and developed hives, they knew how to treat him. Marilyn also has a wonderful sense of humor, and is a delight. They know dogs very well, and care for a variety of different dog personalities, making them all feel at home. They truly seem to love all the animals. This is not your typical boarding facility – this is a special place.

  • Laura Watson says:

    We were very fortunate to learn about marilyn and bob just at the start of a major home remodel project. Our four mastiffs have had the privilege of rotating between our home and marilyn’s for months now. At marilyn’s they enjoy space, gardens, ever-present people, water features, a variety of interesting animals, and other canines. When we need assistance moving the dogs, Marilyn is there. If a dog needs medical attention, marilyn is there. If someone is lonely and just needs some love, Marilyn is there. Marilyn’s assessment of canine social situations is shrewd, cautious and accurate. Her home is organized to allow separation of animals who would be more comfortable separated or with specific friends.

    Finding appropriate boarding facilities in the bay area for our large dogs was something we’d given up on. Marilyn has changed all that. Now we can plan travel without concern for the canine half of our family!

  • dogs says:

    Thank you to all my clients who said such nice things. Huey has been coming for over four years now. We fall in love with these dogs and we get to watch them age. We are always willing to care for these friends , even if they need extra care,as many senior dogs do.
    It is a sacred trust we take to our hearts. Thanks to all who took the time to read this and thanks to those who post. MUCH OBLIGED, marilyn,bob and destiny

  • Mark Griffiths says:

    We’ve been bringing our dogs to Marilyn’s and Bob’s “farm” for a couple years. Our English Mastiff, Huey, is a regular now and he goes without complaint and comes home happy. Marilyn is a hoot to work with and Bob is a real stand-up gentleman. Their home and the grounds are ideal in terms of a dog-friendly environment. We have been very happy with the care our beasts have received and intend to keep Camp Run Amuck on Huey’s vacation schedule. We would be more than happy to speak to prospective clients about anything.

  • Jennifer Proescher says:

    I had never boarded my 5 year old boxer Hoku until I found Run Amuck. My vision of dog boarding was cement and chain link fences and could never leave my girl in a place like that. A chance meeting with Marilyn changed that. Hoku is always so excited to get there and always exhausted when we leave. She runs and plays all day and sleeps on a pillow at night… Just like home.

  • Barbara Lincoln says:

    I am in love with Camp Run Amuck and more importantly – my bearded collie Alfie is too. Alfie has stayed with Marilyn and Bob on several occasions. It was important to me to know that he would be safe and secure, but have freedom to run and play. Run Amuck is all of this plus the untangible of Marilyn and Bob’s love. He can run and play all day. They even have goats! Alfie could and possibly has watched the goats all day! Goat TV. This is priceless for a bearded collie! Alfie comes home each time incredibly happy and I think he misses Run Amuck more than he misses me! I completely recommend Run Amuck for short or long stays. Your dog will truly be treated like one of the family and quite possibly have the time or his or her life.

  • Annie Pearson says:

    Run Amuck Farm is a monitored, safe, cage free farm where our American Bulldog “Arcata da Bull” has enjoyed the privilege of overnight boarding and middle of the week “doggy day care”, training, and socialization. He begins “crying” with excitement as our car heads south on Hwy 1 because he knows he is headed to Run Amuck to play with his best friend Benny and the “guests” of the week. Marilyn and Destiny have helped him learn socialization skills and he is well known on Harbor Beach and Seabright for his relaxed demeanor with people, children and other dogs, large and small. We highly recommend Run Amuck Farm as a “happy place” for your beloved pet while you are away on business or pleasure.

    Annie Pearson/ Santa Cruz
    925-997-3997 (call for personal reference)

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