Photos 2011

lounging as it should be

What’s for dinner?


there is no substitute for a lawn.


Ruby and Tobin in the morning fog

Tobin is a good guy, loves his football. we do too. Go Ninersdog party

Kato’s new favorite toy

a game of soccer w AdrienneKato LOVES soccer

make yerself at home

Adrienne Gets beat at soccer by Kato everyday...or she lets him think he winsBrandy, Rufus brotherhueyshy beagles get new friendsmountain goats welcome too

Sweetest dog ever , Rufus
huey,10 years old! OLD DOGS RULE!
Boston watches kato do his after dinner rollNANA and Rufus favorite game

the best dog party ever!go Sydney go

bed got small….
Kush qand OakleyJeb finds his comfort zonehe does this all day

Penny and Rudylots of exercise today byron and Kush kushR

is it time for dinner yet?

Oakley .barking. Jaxon... big ball

are you ok Jeb? Ben’s just trying to sleep

Ben and Bella. We finally found a home for Ben. We miss him.

Tasha in a rare moment of repose

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