Your pup in action!

If your dog has stayed at Run Amuck recently, chances are we captured some photos!

For photos before 12/15, please see our Facebook page.


December 2015

2 Responses to Photos

  • dogs says:

    What a great month we had in May . lot’s of new guests who really played well with others. We are so lucky to be able to spend this time with these wonderful dogs. They just LOVE to be with each other and enjoy the open space.
    Life is good at Run Amuck.
    This week we have a few dobies and shepherds and they have all been well socialized. Great breeds if started right..
    much obliged,

  • dogs says:

    These pics are from Sunday Jan 15. Dee Dee, Byron, dufus, Oba and Aji all had a blast today. Great Dogs.
    Ruby got to go to the beach w Mom. She’s happy too.

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